What is Corona Treatment? 

It is a treatment used to increase the adhesion surface of the plastic through a high electric discharge. The electrical discharge is called “Corona Discharge”. The discharge will cause a smooth modification of the surface. The plastic is a man-made material which contains molecules chain together to form a uniform product. The chains of molecules are connected together forming a long one and leaving an open chain at the end. The small open chain causes small bonding points at the surface. These bonding points cause wettability and low adhesion to the surface.  Corona Treatment Service

How Does Corona Treatment Works?  

The corona treatment becomes popular to the plastic and metal industry because of its ability to solve the adhesive property of any type of bonding and printing of the surface. It becomes the solution to increase the surface tension of any material. Because of treating the material with corona discharge, plastics and metals are capable of inks, coating, and adhesives.  

The materials to be treated will be out in front for the high corona discharge. With the materials being treated, the small bonds at the end will break and becomes chemically active. The materials treated will fade through time unless the material is coated or printed. The reduction of quality usually depends on the type of material and the condition. The cost of corona treatment services usually depends on many factors. It usually depends on the width, speed, responsiveness of the material and the number of sides required.  

How to Find Corona Treatment Services?  

This kind of service is widely used by a different range of industries in the automotive, medical, pipes, lenses and many more. It is hard to find a company which can give good corona treatment services for this job. If you are looking for someone to do corona treatment for you, here are some informative tips you may need. 

  1. Hire a company that has years of experience. Looking for a company to do the job for your business is essential. The products of your business are at stake here. You should hire only those contractors with years of experience in corona surface development.
  2. Hire someone who is licensed to do the business. This kind of job requires dangerous equipment to operate. Look for a company who is licensed to do the job with employees who are properly trained and with certificates.
  3. Find someone who knows what your equipment needs. Look for a company who will find the appropriate surface modification of your products. A company that will solve your problem instead of just doing only what is asked from them.
  4. Find a company who offers free of charge quote. Look for a company who has technical experts that you can ask regarding your materials and how best to modify them. The evaluation of your product should also be offered free. You can send a sample to them to evaluate and return the treated parts after evaluation. This type of company has professionals who are willing to help even potential clients.